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VL18 Photoelectric sensors series

The VL18 Series Photoelectric Sensors are a game changer in the world of industrial automation. With its short body, this sensor can easily fit into tight spaces, while its robust and high-quality design ensures accurate detection of objects and changes in surface conditions. With a variety of optical properties, this sensor is a versatile choice for any industrial application.

VL18 Series - Metal enclosure photoelectric sensors


EN18 Photoelectric sensors series

Our EN18 Photoelectric sensors are an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, cost-effective automation solution. Available in both metal and plastic bodies and with a range of up to 5 meters, our sensors are perfect for numerous applications. Setting the sensing distance is easy with our potentiometer, and an additional angled mounting bracket increases installation possibilities. Choose our EN18 Photoelectric sensors for a simple and efficient automation solution.



VLP50 Photoelectric sensors series

At V5 Group-VIDIA, we specialize in providing world-class industrial automation solutions that cater to the needs of different businesses. Our VLP50 is a robust solution that is perfect for long-distance applications with background suppression for PNP/NPN switching in the same unit model. This accurate and robust solution is particularly useful for packing industries and logistics applications. Our goal is to bring unparalleled quality and efficiency to your operations.

VLP50 serises photoelectric sesnsors


V5ZL-B20  Photoelectric BGS sensors series

Make your industrial operations seamless with our V5ZL-B20 Photoelectric BGS sensor. This block type diffuse sensor features BGS function, PNP and NPN with NO+NC, with a range of Sn: 0…200mm. The sensor comes with a 2m cable and 4 wires, and a durable plastic body that can withstand harsh industrial environments. It also features a visible red light source for easy installation. Place your order today and experience true automation!



V5UF-F/L Miniature Photoelectric sensors series

Looking for a reliable and accurate sensor for your food and beverage or pharmaceutical production applications? Our V5UF-F/L Miniature photoelectric sensor series is the perfect solution. With a stainless steel body, this miniature sensor is capable of detecting objects up to 30mm away. Count on our sensors to deliver exceptional precision and accuracy to your industrial automation needs.

V5UF-F-L serises photoelectric sesnsors


VL10 Photoelectric sensors series

The VL10 Photoelectric sensors series is a high-performing, mini rectangular sensor that provides various detections like BGS detection, transparent object detection, laser non-coaxial polarized retro-reflective detection, and more. This sensor series is designed to be suitable for multiple applications. Trust this dynamic and static state detector to provide accurate and reliable detection every time.

VL10 - 5_edited_edited.jpg


VL50 Photoelectric sensors series

Looking for reliable sensors for your industrial automation needs? Look no further than the VL50 Photoelectric Sensors series. Our premium quality sensors feature a 60-meter laser beam, a 10-meter mirror reflection, and a 7-meter diffuse reflection detection distance, making them ideal for garages, warehousing, logistics, crane anti-collision and more. With a wide voltage power supply and relay output, you can count on these sensors for your most demanding applications.



VO18 Photoelectric sensors series

The VO18 Photoelectric series is the perfect solution for your industrial automation needs. This M18 standard proximity sensor is designed for a wide range of common applications in various industries, including food, metal and pharmaceutical. Its high speed and high-quality model ensures reliable and accurate measurement of proximity distances to numerous surfaces in your automation process.

VO18 photoelectric sensors series


VLP25 Photoelectric sensors series

Looking for reliable and efficient industrial automation solutions? Look no further than our VLP25 Photoelectric Sensors Series. With a portfolio of cubic sensors featuring two potentiometers for NO/NC and distance, selecting the right sensor is easy and cost-effective. Choose from our variety of sensors including thru-beam, retroreflective and polarized optics sensors for clear-object detection, and diffuse mode sensors up to 1m distances. Upgrade your automation systems today!

VLP25 series photoelectric sensors


VLQ18 Photoelectric sensors series

Introducing our high-quality VLQ18 Photoelectric sensors series, which offers amazing sensing capabilities. With a defuse type sensing distance of 400mm, a retro reflective distance of 4m and a through-beam long sensing distance of 10m, this series is perfect for any industrial automation application. The sensors feature a robust plastic body with a 90° degree angle optics for limited areas installation, and their bright lights make power and detection recognition easy. Moreover, their waterproof design means they can withstand high humidity, with an IP67 degree of protection.

VLQ18 serises photoelectric sesnsors


V5ZL-DL150 Line Scan Photoelectric BGS sensors series

If you're searching for an accurate and reliable line scan sensor, the V5ZL-DL150 from V5 Group - VIDIA is one of the best options on the market. Its exceptional accuracy makes it perfect for detecting and calculating objects on challenging surfaces, such as printing of date on products or electronic PCB detection. With excellent repeatability features, this sensor is sure to meet your needs.



VL21 Miniature Photoelectric sensors series

The VL21 is a must-have for industries that require automation in limited installation spaces. Its compact design not only meets the requirement but also improves the aesthetics of your equipment. Our automation systems are designed to meet high-quality standards and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Trust us to deliver the best automation solutions for your business.

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VL25 Photoelectric sensors series

Introducing the VL25 Photoelectric sensors series - the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial automation applications. These mini-rectangular sensors come in various modes, including BGS (background suppression), diffused, retro-reflective and through beam modes. Plus, with optional red or laser beam sources, these sensors are ideal for printing and packaging, pharmaceutical, electronic and small equipment fields. Order today to streamline your automation system and see the difference.

VL25 - 4_clipped_rev_2_edited.jpg


VB18 Photoelectric sensors series

The VB18 Photoelectric Sensor series offers high accuracy and reliability for industrial automation applications. With its advanced background suppression and similar detection distance for white and dark color objects, this sensor can easily detect objects at a range of 10-100mm. Its red light source (674nm) ensures accurate readings even in low light conditions. Available in robust M18 brass nickel plated or plastic housings, the VB18 sensor series is the ideal choice for short distance conveyor detection and manufacturing applications.



VLP36 Photoelectric sensors series

The VLP36 Photoelectric sensors series is truly a game-changer when it comes to industrial automation. This series offers robust mounting and simple installation combined with precision measurements, making it the ideal choice for large material handling applications like door control, forklift control, palletizing, and counting. Choose from various models like the long distance diffuse model up to 2.5m and Relay output model sensors, all packed into one durable housing style.

VLP36 series photolectric sesnsors


EN12 Photoelectric sensors series

Looking for a cost-effective solution for your short distance sensing needs? Consider our EN12 Photoelectric sensors series. These waterproof sensors are perfect for narrow application conveyors, with a range of up to 5m. Compact and versatile, they come in a small M12 size and are available for both diffuse and through-beam applications.

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V5UE-13 Miniature Photoelectric sensors series

The V5UE-13 Miniature photoelectric sensor series is one of the most precise and reliable sensor series available in the market. Designed for very short proximity distances, this series is ideal for use in industrial automation applications. The red light source ensures object presence detection, and the sensors are extremely small yet accurate. Place your order today to take advantage of our competitive pricing and fast delivery options.

V5UE-13 serises photoelectric sesnsors


VLQ18 Photoelectric sensors series

Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple sensors in your industrial automation system with the VLQ18. Its universal housing design and 18 mm threaded lens make it an ideal substitute for hundreds of other sensor types, providing a cost-effective solution for your needs. Our sensor's quick disconnect feature allows for smooth installation, leading to faster and more efficient processing.



VL30 Photoelectric sensors series

The VL30 Photoelectric sensors series is a high-performing, mini rectangular sensor that provides various detections like BGS detection, transparent object detection, laser non-coaxial polarized retro-reflective detection, and more. This sensor series is designed to be suitable for multiple applications. Trust this dynamic and static state detector to provide accurate and reliable detection every time.

VL30 Photoelectric Sensor Series - 1_edi
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