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V5M4 Series 

Introducing the V5M4 Tower Lights Series - high quality tower lights designed to meet the needs of industrial automation. We offer a range of options, including the precontrolled flash option for non-controlled equipment, and the steady type for controlled equipment. Our robust plastic body makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Choose the tower lights that deliver exceptional performance and long-lasting durability.

Light Towers Series


V5M4-B Series 

Introducing our V5M4 Miniature Bulb Series, designed for a wide range of applications like electric boxes and small electric equipment. The V5M4-B Series includes miniature M22 and M50 size units. These bulbs are made with a robust aluminum body and come with three different light colors (green, red, and yellow) and a buzzer. The gentle light is easy on human eyes and these bulbs are simple to install.

V5M4-B Bulb Light Series

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