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Area scan \ Line Scan \ Line NIR \ Area NIR

Welcome to our Machine Vision products section, where we offer a variety of cameras to help optimize your manufacturing processes. Our Area scan and Line scan cameras provide high resolution and speed for accurate inspection and production. Additionally, our NIR camera utilizes near-infrared technology for improved image quality. Choose from a range of color or monochrome cameras, depending on your needs.

Machine Vision Camera


Turnkey projects

Our Turnkey projects in industrial automation are tailored to suit the unique needs of each customer. With our state-of-the-art VENUS ESSENTIAL image processing and video analytics software, we design custom systems that are efficient, safe, and user-friendly. Our team of experts are committed to ensuring the success of every project and providing top-notch customer service.

V5 Group Machine Vision Turn Key Projects


Area scan \ Line Scan \ Line NIR \ Area NIR

The BASLER Camera is a reliable and high-performing choice for industrial automation. As vision systems become increasingly indispensable for delivering precise results in a range of industries, we’re constantly innovating and expanding applications. With BASLER Camera, you can count on efficient workflows and cutting-edge technology.



Thermal IR Camera

The OPTRIS Thermal Camera is the perfect solution for all your industrial automation processes. Our infrared cameras offer superior radiometric technology and excellent price-performance ratio. With USB or Ethernet connectivity, they are easy to use and come with VIDIA's state-of-the-art VENUS ESSENTIAL software, displaying both temperature data and video analytics.

OPTRIS Thermal camera projects
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SWIR Camera

The JAI Camera is leading technology for industrial automation with its ability to simultaneously capture visible and SWIR light with a single line scan camera. Manufacturers worldwide are adopting the JAI Camera to speed up production processes and improve manufacturing efficiency. This technological improvement ensures that you can remain at the forefront of your industry.

RGB+SWIR  Cameras From JAI
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Thermal IR Camera

Introducing QuantumRed by Hanwha Systems, the technology that's transforming multiple industries using our advanced electro-optics technology. We're not satisfied with the present - that's why we've developed QuantumRed to be a versatile, innovative system for applications including commercial security and surveillance, firefighting, self-driving automotive night vision, medical/disease quarantine, and more. By using thermal imaging, QuantumRed delivers enhanced precision, accuracy, and reliability to keep you ahead of the game. Order now and experience the future.

Thermal camera HANWHA SYSTEMS
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