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Photoelectric Label Sensors

Our sensors for labels are an ideal option to detect and recognize labels. Specifically, the Optic technology model is suitable for regular label types that are not transparent or made of metal foil. These sensors are created to ensure precise and dependable sensing for various label types.

V5PF-T100-M8-4 photoelectric label model sensor


Capacitive Sensor

The capacitive type label sensors are highly effective in detecting and identifying various types of labels. Specifically, the Capacitive model is designed to cater to regular label types and transparent foil. These sensors are known for their reliability and accuracy in sensing labels, making them a dependable choice for label detection.

LDS - 2 Capacitive Label Sensor


Ultrasonic Sensor 

This is a description of an ultrasonic label sensor for multiple label type opague, transperent and metal foil labels with a slot width of 0.3mm and a slot depth of 69mm. It operates at a frequency of 1.5k Hz and has a maximum line speed of 180 m/min. It has a PNP or NPN selectable NO + NC output and uses an M12 connector with 4 pins.                                           The sensor has an aluminum body with dimensions of 92.5mm(L)*47.3mm(H)*18mm(W) and features smart sensitivity adjustment with a range of 10-3.

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