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V5FB Series Sensors

Our Object Counting Sensor Series offers a high switching frequency and a fork width ranging from 15mm to 120mm. Made with robust aluminum housing material, these sensors have a high tolerance to hostile environments and easy sensitivity adjustment with a potentiometer. They are ideal for various applications such as counting tasks in feeding, assembly, and handling applications, label detection, and color verification to detect invisible marks on products. They are also suitable for presence detection of parts in feeding technology and web edge in packaging.

Fork Registration Sensors.jpg


V5FR Series Sensors

The V5FR Optical Frame Registration Series is a cutting-edge infrared light curtain that utilizes a multitude of transmitter and receiver diodes to ensure high-accuracy detection. This sensor series is perfect for detecting even the smallest parts, regardless of their color, material, or sheen. Additionally, the V5FR can detect the shape of an object, making it versatile and useful in a wide variety of industrial automation applications. Choose the V5FR Optical Frame Registration Series for reliable and accurate detection and registration of your products.

Frame Registration Sensors.jpg
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