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V5EB-S11 & C21 Series Sensors

Looking for color sensors that are easy to set up and operate with high-speed response time? Our V5EB-S11 & C21 Color Sensors Series is perfect for your needs. Its versatile application includes detecting labels, seals on boxes, and whether metal objects are plated. Order now and experience the convenience of using reliable color sensors for your industrial automation needs.

Color sensors colage


ContrastV Sensor

The ContrastV Contrast Detection Section is the epitome of precision and accuracy in the industrial automation world. Designed specifically for printing machines, packaging plants, and labeling machines in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, this system boasts high responsiveness, short response times, and insensitivity to fluctuations in height and angle on the material web. With a focus on low contrast resolution and high speed of switching frequency differences, this detection section is the perfect solution for your industrial automation needs.

ContrastV sensor

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