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This V5LC-S100-MP laser displacement sensor is ideal for industrial automation applications. It features a plastic body, a small size, and high accuracy. It also has a digital output with 2m integrated cable and PNP output function for added versatility. With its reliable performance, this sensor is perfect for high-precision industrial applications.


SKU: Displacement Laser Sensor
  • Measuring Distance 100mm
    Output PNP
    Detection range ±35mm
    Repeatability accuracy 70μm
    Linearity ±0.1% F.S.
    Temperature characteristic 0.03% F.S./°C
    Light source Red laser, calss 2, Max. output:1mW,Wavelength of light-emitting beam: 655nm
    Beam diameter about φ120μm
    Supply voltage 12V to 24V DC±10% Ripple P - P10%
    Consumption current Lower than 40mA (Power supply voltage 24V DC), Lower than 60mA (Power supply voltage 12V DC)
    Control output Max. load current: 50mA Light ON/, Dark ON, Switchable
    Short circuit protection Provide with (automatic recovery type)
    Analog output Output range: 0V-5V(Alarm 5.2V) Output impedance:100Ω
    Reaction time