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This Color Sensor V5EB-S11N model is a NPN sensor that is designed to detect colors in industrial automation applications. It is capable of accurately detecting a wide range of colors, such as red, green, blue, and black. It is highly reliable and offers a long service life. This model is also equipped with advanced features such as adjustable sensitivity and a wide operating temperature range. It is easy to install and is suitable for a range of industrial applications.

Color sensor V5EB-S11N

SKU: Color & Contrast Sensors
  • Type

    Color/mark detection



    Sensing distance

    18 ~ 28 mm

    Light source

    R / G / B Mark mode: 1 color selection during teaching Color mode: 3 color simultaneous illumination

    Spot size

    Approx. 1.5 × 7 mm at a distance of 23 mm

    Response time

    < 200 μs

    Distance adjustment

    Simple two points setup

    Threshold adjustment

    Manual adjustment is possible after teaching


    Output indicator (red), Stability indicator (green)


    24V DC + 10% pulsation less than P-P10%

    Current consumption

    Power less than 850mW (power voltage is 24V,
    the current consumption is below 35

    Mode switching input

    Light intensity mode

    Color mode

    Low (ON) 0 to 0.6V DC

    Outflow current below 0.5mA

    Input impedance about10Kω


    Low (OFF) 0 to 0 .6V DC or open


    High (OFF) 12 to +V DC or open


    High (ON) 12 to +V DC

    Outflow current below 3mA

    Input impedance about 10kΩ


    NPN open circuit collector transistor

    ·Maximum outflow current 50mA

    ·The applied voltage is below 30V DC

    (between output and +V)