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Introducing the VL10 Series, a line of mini-rectangular photoelectric sensors designed for high performance in industrial automation. High quality product series includes a 10m through beam, 3m polarized retro-reflective, diffuse 350mm, and 1m, 1.5m and 4m BGS and TOF options, all with optional red beam. and infrared laser light source These sensors are ideal for use in logistics transportation, new energy, and various other application fields, providing reliable and accurate sensing capabilities to improve efficiency and productivity. Upgrade your industrial automation system with the advanced
technology and durability of the VL10 Series photoelectric sensors.


SKU: Photoelectric Proximity Sensors
774.00 ₪Price

    Sensing distance 2mm ~ 1.5m
    Type of light Infrared laser light source
    Light spot size 1mm in 1.5m distance
    Light wave length 940 nm
    Operating principle Diffuse BGS TOF type sensor



    Operating voltage, +UB 10 … 30 V DC
    No-load current, Io ≤ 30 mA
    Output current, Ie ≤ 100 mA
    Protective circuits Reverse -polarity protection, UB / short-circuit protection
    Switching output, Q PNP
    Output function Dark ON (N.O) 
    Switching frequency, f (ti/tp 1:1) 80 Hz
    Response time ≤ 2 ms
    Control input, IN NA
    Wires defalt output + (Brown  wire) \ - (Blue wire) \ Otput (Black wire NO output) \ Output ( White wire NC output ) 



    Dimensions 42.1mm x 20mm x 12mm ( see dimensional drawing for more details)
    Enclosure rating IP67
    Material, housing PC+ABS
    Material, front lens PMMA
    Type of connection M8, 3-pin connector
    Ambient temperature: operation -25 … +55 C
    Weight (M8 plug) 52 g
    Weight (cable type) N.A

    (1) With connected IP67 plug (2) Straight light exit variant (3)Angled light exit variant



    Indicator LED, green Operating voltage indicator
    Indicator LED, yellow Switching output indicator
    Sensitivity adjustment Potenciometer
    Adjustment possibilities N.C. potenciometer
    Default settings Max. scanning distance


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