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VL40 Series Sensors

Our VL40 Displacement Laser Series is a top-of-the-line laser displacement sensor, designed to provide high precision measurements of up to 800mm sensing distance. Its metal housing ensures durability for any industry, while the LED display and button settings make it easy to use. Its rich interface makes it suitable for use in pharmaceutical, packaging, automotive, non-standard equipment and others. Choose our VL40 series for the ultimate in accuracy and performance.

VL40 Series Displacemnt Sensor

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חיישנים מסדרת V5LC

Our V5LC-S series of CMOS laser displacement sensors provide unmatched accuracy and performance. With ultra-high cost performance, this sensor is ideal for applications that require both switching and analog output options. Multiple detection modes ensure that it can be used in a wide range of applications. The big indicator features a clear and bright white digital display screen, making it a high-end display choice. Its film button design is easy to operate and set, and its aluminum alloy shell makes it both strong and durable.

V5LC Series Displacement Sensor
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